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Welcome to the  “Apologetics Made Easy”   video training course.

Apologetics can help you to better understand WHAT you believe and WHY you believe it.  It can also help you to defend the Christian faith, provide answers to those with questions, strengthen your walk with Jesus, and help you to better understand the Bible’s teachings.  Here are some of the topics we’ll be covering in this video course:

  • Does God exist?

  • Are miracles possible?

  • Can we believe what we read in the New Testament?

  • Is Jesus Christ really God or was He just a good man?

  • Is the Bible the Word of God, or is it just a book written by men, full or myths and errors?

  • Do all the religions teach pretty much the same things?   Do they all lead to God and heaven?

  • Where did we come from?  Did we evolve from apes or did God create us?

This course contains 33 videos in all.   We will go through each of the videos one simple step at a time and cover 5 main topics: 1. God exists;  2. Miracles are possible;  3. The New Testament is a good history book; 4. Jesus is God; and 5. the Bible is the Word of God.

Before we get to those 5 main points, we have some introduction videos for you on the next page, where we’ll talk about World Religions and Truth. These are especially important videos, as the rest of the course builds on what we learn there.  Also, at the end of the course, when we have completed our 5 points, we have a couple of bonus videos for you on Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

The course has been designed with lots of pictures and illustrations to help make the learning fun and to help you better understand and remember the things we cover.  It’s my hope that you enjoy the course and that when you have finished it, you will see Christianity and its teachings in a fresh new light.

Enough said.  It’s time now to get started with the PREVIEW video below.  Once you have viewed that, simply click on the link at the bottom to go the next set of videos on the following page.


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