5e. Point 3: The New Testament


This is  “Point #3”  of the

“Apologetics Made Easy” video training course:

“The New Testament is a Good History Book”

We now move on to Point #3 here, where we will see that the New Testament is not just a good history book; it’s an excellent history book.  One that is trustworthy and reliable.  We can believe what it tells us.  When the New Testament tells us that Jesus said it, we can believe that Jesus said it.  When the New Testament tells us that Jesus did it, we can believe that Jesus did it.

As we will discover in Videos #24 to #26 below, the New Testament contains 27 separate documents and has more manuscripts, earlier manuscripts, and more accurately copied manuscripts than any document from the ancient world.

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24) The New Testament: Scribes & Manuscripts



25) The New Testament: Accurate Copies of the Original Documents



26) The New Testament: A True Record of the Events as They Happened

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