5c. Point 1: God Exists


This is  “Point #1”  of the

“Apologetics Made Easy” video training course:

“God Exists.”

In videos #15 to #22 below, we will prove beyond a reasonable doubt that God exists, and we will do this without using the Bible.  Instead, we will instead use science, reason, and philosophy, along with lots of pictures and illustrations to make the teaching more interesting and easier to understand.

Together, we will discover that God is not just “a” God or some impersonal force.  Or, as some believe, a God that is the ocean, the trees, or the sand.  Or a God that is you, me, or some God within.   No, this God is a personal, infinite God, who is timeless, immaterial, and non-spatial; a supernatural being who is unimaginably powerful, supremely intelligent, and absolutely morally perfect. 

As we go through each of these videos step by step, we will show that God is the Beginner of the universe, the Designer of the universe and all living things, and the Moral Law Giver, who has placed within each of us a conscience.

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15) Cause & Effect



16) The Cosmological Argument Part 1: The Surfboard & The Universe



17) The Cosmological Argument Part 2: The Big Bang



18) Someone—No One



19) Teleological Argument: The Design Of The Universe



20) Teleological Argument: The Design Of Life



21) The Moral Law



22) Revealing the Identity of the Beginner, Designer, & Moral Law Giver

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