5f. Point 4: Jesus is God


This is  “Point #4″  of the

“Apologetics Made Easy” video training course:

“Jesus is God”

In the following videos (#27 to #29),  we will see that the reliable & trustworthy New Testament tell us that Jesus Christ not only claimed to be God, but He also proved He was God.  He claimed to be God in 9 different ways, including his claim to be the great “I AM” who spoke to Moses from the burning bush in the Old Testament book of Exodus.

Jesus then went on to prove that He was God by predicting and accomplishing his own resurrection, fulfilling Old Testament prophecies, living a perfect, sinless life, and by performing many supernatural miracles.

Despite the evidence for the deity of Christ, many today challenge Jesus’ claims to be God.  In video #30, we will answer some common objections that are raised, as we talk a little about the Trinity and the 2 natures of Christ, His divine and human natures.

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27) Jesus Christ Claims To Be God




28) Jesus Christ Proves He Is God



29) Objections To Jesus Being God / Trinity

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