5b. Introduction, Truth, and World Religions

725_Truth_&_World_Religions_Sum_Slide_04.27.14Truth_&_W_Religions_6-pic_Summary_Slide_04.26.14.001.tiff.001.tiff.001This is the beginning portion of the

“Apologetics Made Easy” video training course:

“Introduction, Truth, and World Religions.”

In the following videos (#2 to #14), we will examine the popular belief that it doesn’t matter what religion you choose, because all religions are pretty much the same; they are just different paths up the same mountain that all lead to God.  For many, religion is just a matter of personal taste.  You like chocolate, I like vanilla.  You like Buddhism, I like Christianity.  It doesn’t matter what flavor of religion or world view you believe in, just as long as it is true for you.

As we will see, there are big differences between the major world religions, with very few similarities.  We will illustrate this by comparing two major world religions (Christianity & Islam) side by side and examining what they each teach about God, the scriptures, Jesus, and salvation.

What we believe does matter.  There is a real difference between truth and tastes.  Personal tastes and preferences are fine when it comes to ice cream and other things, but not when it comes to truth (God, heaven, and salvation).  As will will discover from our investigation and the evidence, there is only one true God, one true holy book, and one true way to heaven, just as there is just one answer to 1+1 or the belief that the world is round.  And… what one believes on this side of the grave can have eternal consequences.

So how do we go about determining which religion is the one true religion?   In the following set of videos, we will find out.  Using simple illustrations and images, we’ll see how science and religion can work hand and hand, and how science, together with reason and philosophy, can be used to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that God exists, miracles are possible, and so on. I think you’ll find these videos to be very helpful.

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2) Major Religions & Worldviews



3) What is Truth? Everyone, Narrow, Opposite



4) Truth & Tastes



5) Are All Religions Pretty Much The Same?









8) What Did Jesus Have To Say About Truth?



9) Science & Religion



10) Truth Matters



11) Truth Beyond The Grave

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12) Evidence & Faith: How Much Proof Is Enough Proof?



13) The Faith Of An Atheist




14) The Hidden God

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