5g. Point 5: The Bible is the Word of God


This is  “Point #5″  of the

“Apologetics Made Easy” video training course:

“The Bible Is The Word Of God”

In the following two videos, we conclude the 5 points of our 5-point hand illustration.  Up to this point, we have proved that God exists, miracles are possible, that the New Testament is a good history book, and that Jesus Christ is God.

Since God is absolutely morally perfect, we know that whatever He teaches is true.  So what did Jesus, who is God, teach about the Scriptures, the Old and New Testaments, what we call the “Bible” today?   Well, as we will see, Jesus taught that the Scriptures are the Word of God, that they are without error, eternal, and infallible. God’s message to mankind.

After we have completed the first video on the Bible being the Word of God, we will tie everything together in a video #31 below entitled:  “Conclusion: Christianity Is The One True Religion.”

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30) The Bible Is The Word of God


31) Conclusion: Christianity is the One True Religion


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