5h. Bonus Evolution Videos


This page contains 2 Bonus Evolution videos.

In many of our schools and in the media, we are told that the Theory of Evolution & Natural Selection is a fact; that it provides the best answers to the question of the origin of life.

We will be looking at 2 phases related to evolution:  The “First Life” and all “Other Life. (See illustration above.)

Those who believe in evolution are commonly called Evolutionists or Darwinists.   They believe that all life forms descended from a common ancestor–what is known as the “First Life,” a simple, one-celled amoeba-like creature.

This very first life here on planet earth was supposedly the result of spontaneous generation from nonliving chemicals in a warm pond somewhere on the very early earth.  Once there was no life and then poof, there was life.  We are told that nature… natural laws…created this “First Life” all by itself with no intelligent intervention.  God was not involved.

And from this simple one-celled creature came all the other forms of biological life: The plants and trees; fruits and vegetables; dogs and cats; the fish and birds; boys and girls; and the many diverse and amazing life forms that exist today.

On the other hand, Christianity teaches that it was God who created all living things. So which view is right?   God and creationism or Darwin and evolution?

Let’s study the evidence together and find out.

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32) Darwin’s Theory of Evolution:   Part 1: “Introduction & The First Life”



33) Darwin’s Theory of Evolution:   Part 2: “Other Life”

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